Pattern Release Energetics


For years there has been discussion about applying the principles of exciting new scientific discoveries regarding the nature of physical and non-physical reality to healing the body and mind. Now you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand! As science continues to affirm the validity of concepts that previously only existed in the context of spirituality, mysticism, and the occult, it's time to recognize their practical application in the field of health care.


Pattern Release Energetics (PRE) is an approach to healing that exposes and unravels the underlying patterns that create and perpetuate our chronic health problems. PRE evolved from the incompleteness of using any one traditional healing work when dealing with the complexities of the human form. As I practiced chiropractic over ten years, additional influences such as magnetic therapy, reiki, Chinese energy medicine, chakra work, yoga, meditation, and others gradually wove themselves into my technique.


Evidence for subtle electromagnetic fields that exist around the physical body has existed for quite a while now, but we’re still resistant to approach the healing potential of interacting with this aspect of the human form, primarily because it requires us to lead with our feelings rather than our intellect. Disease and dysfunction, however, largely originates in these subtle levels.


Consequently, healing occurs more easily and completely when we interact with the entire human energy field rather than just the gross physical body. When we engage with these vibrational levels, the usual restrictions of time and space fall away. In this fluid environment, intention can be used to great effect to access information and encourage movement in areas that are blocked, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically.


PRE is equally effective whether the treatment is done in person or from a distance. Distance work is unique and convenient as it doesn’t require the client to actively participate. That is, the client can be sleeping or doing other activities during the treatment.


Root causes are quickly identified and corrected first with PRE. Contributing factors such as emotional and psychological concerns, old injuries, surgeries, organ system dysfunction, and past illnesses are all taken into account to gain a complete picture of your underlying health issues. In the subtle levels of the human energy field an emotional block, a physical injury, or an organ dysfunction all register in a similar manner--as an area of resistance to flow.


A PRE session provides a three-dimensional assessment that identifies multiple levels of dysfunction simultaneously and corrects them as a whole. For example, with a focus on the single symptom of pelvic pain, one correction may consist of a misaligned hip, a bladder infection, and a fear of abandonment. Connections between seemingly unrelated physical ailments that would otherwise require multiple diagnostic tests are readily displayed with PRE.


PRE gains quick access to fundamental emotional and psychological factors in your overall health. In a matter of 1-3 sessions, this technique can reveal material in these critical areas that would require months, if not years, in psychotherapy to uncover. PRE facilitates a communication with the unconscious mind, and follows a logic and sequence to your healing that is unique to your physiology and psychology.


This is an approach that initiates an expressive healing process rather than imposing a suppressive strategy, which is the basis for most of what passes for health care. Instead of just pushing symptoms back down below the surface, PRE uses symptoms as valuable clues to trace back to the root cause. Once the root cause reveals itself, there's no reason for the symptom to persist, since it has served its purpose in pointing toward the underlying imbalance.




    James Rolwing, DC